Every Sunday @ 11am – Sunday Worship

Every Wednesday @ 1pm – Service of Reflection
Pamela McCarthy (facilitator)

Services for March 2021 // Sundays at 11am

7th March 2021
Service Rev.Bridget Spain ‘Old Habits die hard’

14th March 2021
Service Rev.Bridget Spain ‘Presbyterians and Unitarians’

21st March 2021
Service Will O’Connell ‘Here Comes The Sun’

28th March 2021
Service Rev.Bridget Spain ‘Passover’

From 26th December, the church will be closed again and all services (Sunday and Wednesday) will be broadcast on our webcam from the church. Click on the link to see the webcam feed.

Podcasts are prepared and uploaded shortly after the service. The full service can be streamed and downloaded directly from our Recordings page, along with our three selected podcasts (Address, Children’s Story and Moments Of Reflection) which can also be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher and other podcast providers. Search for Dublin Unitarian Church.

See our update here for further details.

All welcome.

Our rota for coffee, readings and rotas has been suspended temporarily at this time.

Attendance at service is open to all, and while there is no formal requirement for membership, those attending regularly are encouraged to participate in church activities and to make financial contributions to its upkeep if they can.

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