The Unitarian Church is happy to provide funeral Services in the church and at other locations such as in private homes, funeral homes, the crematorium or at the graveside. We are a Church that has its roots in Christianity but we make no presumptions concerning the beliefs of others. We meet with and listen to the family of the deceased. Based on our extensive knowledge of different religions and philosophies, we help the family to design a funeral service that will reflect the beliefs and the life of the deceased.
The Service usually takes the form of readings/prayers/music/as well as giving the family and individuals the opportunity to speak about the deceased person. The Funeral Service is to honour and celebrate the life of the person who has died, to comfort the bereaved, to support them as they say goodbye to the deceased person. The service will not contain any statement of dogma it is a spiritual service that honours the beliefs of the deceased and the family.

If you would like to arrange a Unitarian Funeral Service, please inform the Undertaker or call the Church Office at 01 478 0638 or the Minister at 01 838 8808 or 085 718 0599. Rev. Spain can be contacted by direct e-mail at email hidden; JavaScript is required

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