Sunday Rota for October 2019

6th October             The Kingdom of God     

Service                Rev.Bridget Spain
Reader                   Yvonne O’Reilly
Flowers                 Gail Varian
Coffee                    Andrew Connolly, Sinead Crandle, Ray Naughton
Welcomer              Door: Moisie McCaw / Desk: Monica Cremins

——————-     ——————————————————-

13th October           Gratitude & Blessing 
Service                Monica Cremins
Reader                   Nuala Kelly
Flowers                 Ciara McChárthaigh
Coffee                    Patrice O’Connor, Sandra Walker, Denis Conway
Welcomer              Door: Andrew Connolly / Desk: Elaine Sisson

——————-     ——————————————————-

20th October           Harvest Thanksgiving       
Service                Rev.Bridget Spain
Reader                   Pat O’Donoghue
Flowers                 Mary O’Brien  
Coffee                    Emer O’Reilly, Tony Shine, Monica Cremins
Welcomer              Door: Mary O’Brien / Desk: Sheila Hanley

——————-     ——————————————————-

27th October             An Epidemic of Anxiety     
Service                Rev.Bridget Spain
Reader                   Oliver Power
Flowers                 Josquin San Luis
Coffee                    Denise O’Brien, Elaine Sisson, Yvonne O’Reilly
Welcomer              Door: Catharine Cook / Desk: Frank Kelly

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