Oscailt – our monthly magazine of information and opinion

As the church is closed due to the Covid-19 virus, our monthly magazine Oscailt is being produced online until the situation settles.

To access it, click on the month – this will take you to an index for that month which you can use to navigate the various articles. The list starts with the current issues and runs newest to oldest.

13. April 2021

12. March 2021

11. February 2021

10. January 2021

9. December 2020

8. November 2020

7. October 2020

6. September 2020

5. August 2020

4. July 2020

3. June 2020

2. May 2020

1. April 2020

We are also pleased to present “My Story: A Short Story Of My Long Life”, a memoir written by Tania Trusova – a member of our congregation – about growing up in Moscow and moving to Ireland.

You can read it (for free) here.

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