Church Calendar Jan 43

Our current church magazine, Oscailt, has been edited since its inception in 2005 by Paul Spain. Before it began, I was not entirely sure what method was used to communnicate information to congregation and friends of the church.

While digitizing the choir library, a job I am undertaking as many of our pieces of sheet music are disintegrating fast, I was surprised and charmed to find a church monthly calendar from January 1943. You can see a scan of it by clicking on the link above. It is beautifully designed with a lovely line drawing of the church on the front, a calendar for the month featuring service titles and the names of choir anthems for morning and evening services. There is also important information about bereavements in the congregation, the need for people to donate soap as the Department of Supplies (this is during the Second World War) does not consider Churches or Schools “entitled to that useful and necessary commodity”.

I don’t know about you. I find it fascinating to find old records like this. They take you back to the time and they often contain surprising eccentricities that the historian writing the story of the church might not consider worthwhile telling you.

There are also some names familiar to some in the congregation mentioned throughout. To read these things reminds us we are on a journey, tending this spiritual home for generations of Unitarians to come.

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