The Annual Meetings of the General Assembly of Unitarians and Free Christian Churches were due to happen last week in Birmingham. It was a source of great pride that Rev. Bridget Spain and Rev. Mike O’Sullivan (minister, Cork Unitarian Church) had been invited to lead the Anniversary Service, the spiritual centrepiece of the meetings each year. As with everything else, the GA was cancelled due to the CoVid 19 restrictions and so the Anniversary Service didn’t happen in Birmingham on Thursday. In a forward-thinking move on a par with the other bold moves our movement has taken to bring its services and meetings onto the internet since the beginning of this emergency, the Executive Committee of the General Assembly and Organising Committee of the meetings got together and suggested many ways that lots of the meetings planned for the event could take place after all using Zoom. At the same time, Bridget and Mike were asked to pre-record a version of their Anniversary Service. Mike led the service and Bridget delivered the address. This churches’ organist and director of music, Josh Johnston, recorded some music and these recordings were inserted at appropriate places in the service. You can hear the service by clicking on the link below.

Let’s Talk Soul – Anniversary Service
intended for the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches
Birmingham, England
Thursday 9th April at 5pm
Address by Rev. Bridget Spain (minister, Dublin Unitarian Church)
Service by Rev. Mike O’Sullivan (minister, Cork Unitarian Church)
Music performed by Josh Johnston (organist / director of music, Dublin Unitarian Church)

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