Culture Night 2018 at Dublin Unitarian Church

Dublin Unitarian Church is once again delighted to open its doors to the public on Culture Night  which, this year, is Friday 21st September 2018.  The church will be open for the duration of the evening – 5pm to 11pm.

As in previous years, there will be spotlight hours on the hour lasting roughly 20 minutes after which visitors are welcome to wander around the church, learn about the history of the building and the congregation and chat to congregation members. This year the music programme has been curated by Born Optimistic and we thank Donal Scannell there for that work. Admission is free and all are welcome.


5pm “The Wilson Memorial Window” Dr. David Carron (talk)
6pm The Daydreamers Kids Choir singing the songs of Mic Christopher
7pm “Our House” Pamela McCarthy (talk)
8pm Delush (music)
9pm “Northern Lights” Rory Delany (talk)
10pm Leonard’s Corner singing the songs of Leonard Cohen.

Music programme curated by Born Optimistic –

See you on 21st September !!!

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