A Birthday For The Organ Restoration Fund

This morning at our 11am service, our organist and director of music Josh Johnston took to the lectern at notices to mark the fact that the Organ Restoration Fund turned 1 year old last Thursday. By the time of its birthday, the fund had raised €48,000 and he wanted to thank the congregation who had got out there and helped raise that figure.

Of course, there’s some distance left to cover and congregation in attendance were encouraged to continue attending fundraising events and spreading the word about the church and the many things on to raise money for the fund.

Some of the best ways of doing this are the simplest and it’s not always about making donations. The church now has a monthly mailing list which includes details of fundraising and other cultural events in the church. Beyond the walls of the church, there are ways the congregation can help. For instance, he asked the congregation to keep the fund in the back of their minds when living their daily lives. Congregation members have come away from events completely unconnected with church with significant donations for the fund thanks to the foresight of those people to mention the fund in conversation. If people can keep in mind friends and contacts who might be able to help, the church can push further outside the net of the immediate congregation and make the job at hand more enjoyable and productive for everyone.

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