September 2020 at the Dublin Unitarian Church

“And all the lives we ever lived
And all the lives to be are full of trees
and changing leaves”
-Virginia Woolf
To The Lighthouse

Greetings from Dublin Unitarian Church.

A lot of work was done over the Summer by our committee and minister since reopening the church at the beginning of July.  It’s great to be back in the church – seeing and speaking to people, hearing the organ (although singing and hymns are still off the table) and being inside our magnificent sacred space on St. Stephen’s Green. Not everybody has felt comfortable to return yet and this is understandable and why we have continued to broadcast the service via Zoom.  Congregation members attending in person have taken to enjoying the summer sun together on the grass in St. Stephen’s Green where they can enjoy their own coffee and sandwiches and catch up on each other’s news.  Will, Tony & Josh have been working between them to co-ordinate the Zoom broadcast and moderate Virtual Coffee for whoever is around online. Thanks to everyone who has been helping out in big and small ways to keep the church going in many more different contexts than we have ever been operating before.   It’s still a learning process but, two months in, we’re getting better at it by the week and enjoying the process.  We are also delighted to be able to reach people who don’t live in Dublin or, even, Ireland so we hope to be able to continue some sort of online broadcast into the future even when the pandemic ceases to be a threat.

Attendance at the church is necessarily limited at this time – soon we will hopefully able to relax these restrictions. The managing committee have advised that all are welcome to attend in person but to please inform the secretary by email hidden; JavaScript is required before Saturday at 2pm of your intention to attend.  Members of the church will be given priority but, as of now, there is still space to accomodate all who want to attend.

If you prefer to view the service live online, click here to go to Zoom to attend the service, but not until after 10.50 on any particular Sunday morning.   You will be muted on arrival to assist with the clean broadcast of the service.  You are asked to remain muted for the duration of the service.  You are also welcome to switch off your video at this time. Just don’t forget to turn it back on (and unmute) for Virtual Coffee.  It will follow immediately and seamlessly after the service. We are taking all feedback about the Zoom broadcasts and acting on it to hopefully create a comfortable listening experience for the service – it is a new discipline for us so please be patient while we figure out the best procedures to get the service to you.

A recording of the service is being uploaded to the website in the days after each service.  We also have podcasts of each Sunday service on the I-Tunes Music Store.  Search for Dublin Unitarian Church

Services for September // Sundays at 11am
6th A Lonely Place – Rev. Bridget Spain
13th The Bucket List – Rev. Bridget Spain
20th Influencers On Early Christisnity – Rev. Bridget Spain
27th Home – Keith Troughton

Our ongoing series of short services of worship and reflection also continues, led by Bridget or Pam although, in order to re-balance the resources available to us, we have decide to move to a programme of 3 reflections a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – from the start of September.  These will be augmented by recordings of reflections from the Sunday service (Monday) and Pam’s Wednesday service (Thursday).  You can see them all on a page dedicated to Services of Reflection (formally Daily Services).

Our Wednesday lunchtime services of reflection (1.05 to about 1.40 followed by a cup of tea) have also resumed.  Pam McCarthy leads these service and all are welcome to attend.  From Wednesday 2nd September, we plan to broadcast these on Zoom.  If you can’t make it and would like to listen in, click here to go to Zoom to attend the service, but not until after 12.55 on any particular Wednesday lunchtime.

All concerts in the church booked to happen between now and the end of the year have been cancelled or postponed.  The plan, as of now, is to not take any further bookings for concerts until the picture is very much clearer regarding how to safely proceed.

Services in August were taken by Rev. Bridget Spain, Andy Pollak and Will O’Connell and we thank them and the readers and contributors at these services – Andrew Connolly, Aidan O’Driscoll, David Heap,   You can hear podcasts and full recordings relating to all these services at our Recordings page or via the podcasts at the I-Tunes Music Store.

Tony Brady has moved his Mindfulness Meditations group to Zoom – if you’re interested in being part of this, please make contact and your details will be forwarded to Tony.

The September edition of our monthly magazine Oscailt is now out and is posted on the church website (as well as via that link there).

We also have a newly re-invigorated Facebook page where we post links to all the services as they are uploaded as well as news of developments as they relate to our worship.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are posting online readings – essays, poems, articles, online resources, quotes – that might help you through this hard time, not unlike the quote at the top of this email.  On a Saturday, we are posting links to music to calm and inspire.  If you would like to suggest examples of either “readings” or music to be found online that have moved you, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required

The Book Club is still running on the last Wednesday of every month thanks to Zoom software and they are always happy to meet new people.  This month (30th September) they are meeting to discuss Wool by Hugh Howey.  Contact us here if you would like to get involved.

There are other church clubs that are also discussing, amongst themselves, how and when they might get going again.  We look forward to bringing you this news as we hear it.

We are living through a hard and confusing time in our history.  It’s frustrating to be curbing our enthusiasm for the sunny weather outside with thoughts of pandemics and restrictions but it’s through our collective endeavours that we can stem the flow and get back to something approaching normal.  This is the task at hand.  We hope that everybody can observe social distancing and stay safe, positive and calm at this still confusing time.

You have received this email because you subscribed to the Dublin Unitarian Monthly Email List either online or at a service or performance in the church.  If you don’t wish to receive it anymore, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

Best wishes,

Dublin Unitarian Church
112 St. Stephen’s Green West
Dublin 2

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