Fairtrade Policies


What is it ?

The Fairtrade label guarantees that a product has been made or produced according to internationally verified standards of manufacture, safety, and health standards. Workers who sell into Fairtrade receive a higher price than conventional sales and a guarantee of regular sales, plus an additional social premium to invest in the community. This enables them to achieve higher standards of living in many ways. This is why Fairtrade products are a little more expensive than others, as market share is still small, though growing quickly.

There are now 58 countries producing a wide range of goods, from the original coffee, tea, sugar, and mouthwatering chocolate, to gorgeous fruits & juices, rice, pastas, honey, jams, seeds, nuts, cereals, and of course fantastic and colourful clothing, crafts, cotton, toys, jewelry, baskets and handbags. These products are of the highest quality. See the Oxfam website www.oxfamireland.org for more listings !

By choosing Fairtrade products you can empower farmers and craft workers all over the world’s developing countries to help themselves and transform their communities. Look for these products in your local shops and supermarkets, and in your work places.

Many businesses have converted their canteens to fair-trade coffee, tea, and sugar, for a start. Ask for them if they are not there, and tell your friends about them.

There are now over 60 Fairtrade Towns in Ireland and many Fairtrade parishes. DUBLIN UNITARIAN CHURCH, through its Justice and Peace Group, was presented with a Fairtrade Church certificate on March 1, 2009, with the help of Wilbert Valverde from the coffee and sugar cane cooperative in Costa Rica. Wilbert gave a short address describing the benefits of fair trade in his community. We provide Fairtrade tea, coffee, and sugar on
Sundays and hold Fairtrade sales. Watch this space for new developments on the Fairtrade front!

For more information, see www.fairtrade.ie

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