Sunday Rota  for   October 2017

1st October                   Filling the Empty Bowl
Service Rev.Bridget Spain
Reader                           Valerie Shanley
Flowers                          Móisie McCaw
Coffee                           Charlie Kinch, David Heap, Rita O’Driscoll
Welcomer                      Door: Móisie McCaw/ Desk: Móisie McCaw
——————-               ——————————————————-
8th October                     The Age of Miracles
Service Rev.Bridget Spain
Reader                           Jennifer Buller
Flowers                          Celia Homan
Coffee                           Elaine Sisson, Karl Cannon, Mary O’Brien
Welcomer                      Door: Aidan O’Driscoll / Desk: David Heap
——————-               ——————————————————-
15th October                   Silence
Service Keith Troughton
Reader                           Solomon Traynor
Flowers                          Pamela Hill
Coffee                           Trish Duffy, Tony Shine, Philippa Ryder
Welcomer                      Door: Peter White / Desk: Peter White
——————-               ——————————————————-
22nd October                  Where is your Treasure
Service Rev.Bridget Spain
Reader                           Trish Duffy
Flowers                          Isult White
Coffee                           Ray Naughton, Monica Cremins, Oliver Power
Welcomer                      Door: Charlie Kinch / Desk: Doireann Ni Bhriain
——————-               ——————————————————-
29th October                   Abraham – Father of Faiths
followed by Communion Service.
Service Rev.Bridget Spain
Reader                           Clive Geraghty
Flowers                          Valerie Shanley
Coffee                           Carol Stafford, Madeline Stringer, Catharine Cook
Welcomer                      Door: Ray Naughton,  / Desk: Alistair Smith
——————-               ——————————————————-

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