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Saturday 4th March 2017
Aiken Promotions present
Orchid Collective
Doors 8pm
Tickets €15 from from Friday 16th December

Orchid Collective – Consisting of David O Shea (lead vocals, guitar), Shea Tohill (lead guitar, vocals), Hugh O’Neill (bass, vocals) and Brian Roony (drums, vocals) have been gigging relentlessly across Ireland, developing their unique sound and quickly making a name for themselves as an unforgettable live act. The band are responsible for creating rousing alternative folk-influenced rock that would resonate with those who are fans of Villagers, James Vincent McMorrow and Bon Iver. Through their own distinct use of vocal harmonies and searing layers of reverbed guitars; Orchid Collective make themselves known as a band that set themselves apart from their contemporaries, offering a bold new imagining of the indie genre.

Upon releasing their latest EP, the band admitted: ‘It is both an exciting and terrifying time for us to put these songs out to the public and we hope everyone can relate to them the way we have.’
Produced by Rob Kirwan (Hozier/U2), the aptly named ‘Courage’ EP strives for daring new beginnings and showcases the certified brilliance in how Orchid Collective operate as a band, lead track ‘Courage’ demonstrates this through mesmerising guitar riffs and lead singer O Shea’s dulcet tones. ‘Waited on The Sun’ acts as the perfect ode to the final days of summer; a searing cut of blissed out melodies and optimistic vocals that ready us for darker evenings and colder nights. Tracks like ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Blindfold’ also play on their strengths, the first half of each track weaving in and out of sombre melodies and hushed lyrics – only to climax with Brian Roony’s explosive drum work.

Simply put, Orchid Collective are the band that can perfectly soundtrack the coming change of season, but unlike like the last days of summer, won’t be so easily forgotten.

“Lay As Stone” could have quite easily been written by Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens or Fleet Foxes. This Dublin four-piece has opened its recording account at a level that few young acts could possibly match.’’ – Dan Hegarty (RTE/ CBC MUSIC)

“A slow-burning mosaic of alternative-pop and indie-folk shimmer and glisten, ‘Courage’ is the sound of Orchid Collective fully realising their ambitious sound.” – The Last Mixed Tape

Sunday 19th March
Trinity College Dublin and the Trinity Centre for Literary Translation
Trinity Long Room Hub and the School of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies
The Italian Institute of Culture in Dublin, Piazza del Mondo Cultural Association, the MotoContrario Cultural Association, the Sardi Celtici
a concert to open the conference
“Untranslatability in Literature and Philosophy”
Admission Free

Francesca Placanica (singer)
MotoContrario Ensemble:
Emanuele Dalmaso (saxophone)
Andrea Mattevi (viola)
Cosimo Colazzo (piano)

With the participation of the poet Alberto Masala


Cosimo Colazzo (1964) Fragile Heretical Bridges (2014/2017) (based on a text by Luigi Reitani) for recitation, saxophone, viola, piano

Cosimo Colazzo (1964) Tenzone (2016) for voice and piano (based on a text by Emilio Villa)
Premiere in Ireland

Cosimo Colazzo (1964) Les dès des ordres (2016) (based on texts by Emilio Villa) for recitation and ensemble
Premiere in Ireland

MotoContrario ensemble
& Alberto Masala Musical and Poetic Improvisations

Original compositions & improvisations from texts by Luigi Reitani, Emilio Villa and Alberto Masala.

Cosimo Colazzo is an award-winning composer, pianist, conductor, and author of a vast production of works. After his specialization in composition with Salvatore Sciarrino (1985-88), he attended the Ferienkurse in Darmstadt. He took conducting classes with Pierre Boulez (Avignon, 1988) and with Peter Eötvöss (Szombathely, 1988), and composition classes with Luigi Nono (Avignon, 1989). His compositions have been featured at various Festivals and are performed in Italy, Europe, the United States, South America and Japan. Colazzo’s works are published by Rai Trade – Contemporary. He is the recipient of the following national composition prizes: Siae, 1983; Belveglio, 1987 [Dune per quartetto di clarinetti]; “U.S.C.I.”, Trieste, 1996 [Veduta di collina per coro misto a cappella]; “Gesualdo da Venosa”, Potenza, 1997 [Movimento per quintetto di ottoni] and international prizes: Icons, Torino 1989 [Quartetto per archi]; Prague Spring, 1995 [Requiem II per orchestra]; Icons, Torino 1995 [L’altr’ombra per violino e marimba]; Sanremo Classico, 1995 [Pende il velo, il mobile per orchestra]; 5th Youth Music Forum, Kiev 1996 [Secondo quartetto per archi]; ISCM – World Music Days, Amsterdam-Seul 1996 [Amara è la morte per coro misto a cappella]; Musica Nova, Sofia 1998 [Secondo quartetto per archi]; 7° Concorso Internazionale di Composizione “Edvard Grieg”, Oslo 2003 [Variations for piano]. He has published in musicological and philosophical journals and has authored books and essays on composition, contemporary creativity, music analysis and relationship between music and cinema. He is a member of the research group of CESEM (Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical) of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He has taught at various Universities in Italy and United States and is currently Professor of Composition at the Trento Conservatory of Music. Between 2005 and 2011 he was director of the Trento Conservatory. Since 2012, he has been a faculty member and Artist-in-Residence at the Italian School in Middlebury College in the United States. For more information, please visit his website:

Emanuele Dalmaso, saxophonist, graduated from the Musical Conservatory of Trento under the guidance of Armando Ghidoni; he studied with the saxophonist Pepito Ros and took specialization courses with David Brutti. He teaches at the Musical School “il Diapason” in Trento. He has given seminars on contemporary techniques for saxophone at the Musical Conservatory of Trento and a master class at the summer international Academy of Lasinio. He is a member of the MotoContrario Ensemble, with which he has premiered a number of pieces, and he has also premiered pieces written especially for him. He is a member of the ‘To B.E. 2’ duet (saxophone and live electronics), with Raul Masu, for which he released the CD “UP” (Liarss). He plays in a duo with the pianist Cosimo Colazzo and in a duo with the percussionist Federico Agnello. Dalmaso is the Endorsing Artist of Légère, a prestigious Canadian brand of reeds. He plays Rampone & Cazzani saxophones.

Alberto Masala, poet, writer and translator, graduated from the University of Sassari in 1975, after which he left Sardinia to travel the world, spending time in Bologna, Venice, Paris, Berlin, and Istanbul. His travels exposed him to many languages, which he brought together to create what he calls a “border language”; this linguistic richness engendered a fertile literary production, leading to publications in Spain, France, and the United States, before Italy, where he only began publishing in 2000. He was deeply influenced by his encounter with the Beat Generation, which occurred for the first time in 1983 in Amsterdam at the “One World Poetry” festival directed by “Soyo” Benn Posset, with whom he developed a friendship that lasted until the premature death of Benn in 1994. A fundamental characteristic of Masala’s poetry is the oral and performative nature of its transmission. In his performances he often works with musicians; he has directed art projects in various parts of Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, Salonika, Bologna, Sardinia), and is the founding artistic director of Nowall. He participated in the foundation of Link in Bologna. He has translated authors such as Jack Kerouac, Judith Malina, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Serge Pey, Hawad, Peppino Mereu. He has also worked in the theater, cinema, and radio (he edited the radio program Storyville, a series on Tom Waits and Allen Ginsburg). As a poet, he has participated in some of the main European festivals and has been a guest at numerous universities. His works have been adapted for theater, radio and television in Italy, France, and the United States. He has produced works in the Sardinian language of Logudoro, interpreted by the practioners of the Canto a tenore (a Sardinian pastoral singing tradition that, from 2005, is on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage: it is a form of polyphonic singing performed by a group of four men using four different voices called bassu, contra, boche and mesu boche. One of its characteristics is the deep and guttural timbre of the bassu and contra voices. It is performed standing in a close circle; the soloist sings a piece of prose or a poem while the contra voices form an accompanying chorus).

Andrea Mattevi, composer and violist, graduated in composition, viola and violin from the Musical Conservatory of Trento. He plays as a soloist in both chamber groups (he is among the founders of the MotoContrario ensemble) and in orchestras (such as the National Rai Orchestra in Turin, the Haydn Orchestra in Bolzano, the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari). He specialized in violin and viola with Simonide Braconi, Luca Ranieri, Davide Zaltron, Pavel Berman, Ilya Grubert, Massimo Quarta, Enzo Porta, Dimitrios Polisoidis. He studied composition with Azio Corghi, Salvatore Sciarrino, Alessandro Solbiati, Stefano Gervasoni. He was a finalist and winner of international prizes and “Call for Scores” competitions (among which the City of Udine Composition Competition, the Donatoni Competition in Milano, “Sulle ali des ‘900”). His original works have been published by various publishing houses (UT Orpheus, TEM), and performed, among others, by the Alter Ego ensemble, the Dèdalo ensemble, and Maria Grazia Bellocchio.

Francesca Placanica studied opera and classical vocal repertoires with Laura Sarti, Nelly Miricioiou, Dale Dietert and Richard Wistreich; she studied opera acting with Italo Nunziata, Maria Luisa Bigai, Marciem Bazell, Hank Hammett, and theatre acting techniques with Pamela Karantonis and Benjamin Spatz at the Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research at Huddersfield University. She won the International Solo Voice Competition Seghizzi (2007) in the “George Gershwin” category. Her theatre performances include Jenny Diver in The Threepenny Opera, the Witch in the world premiere of The History of Rapunzel by Simon Sargon, Ottavia in The Coronation of Poppea with the Meadows Opera Ensemble Dallas, Despina in Così fan tutte at Nuffield Theatre Southampton, Qen at the Soho Theatre London in the musical Seventh Time Around (2011). She performs extensively as a chamber recitalist in Europe, Canada, and the United States. She holds a PhD from the University of Southampton and she is a twentieth-century vocal performance scholar. She is currently an artistic research fellow at Maynooth University, where she is the Principal Investigator of her IRC funded “En-Gendering Monodrama: Artistic Research and Experimental Production” (2015–17), mentored by Prof Christopher Morris. For more information, please visit:

Friday 31st March 2017
Old Flat Top presents
An Acoustic Evening with
Over The Rhine
Show 8pm
Tickets €21 from

Friday 7th April
Tunes In The Church presents

Ticket Details to be announced.

Ré (pronounced ‘ray’ and meaning ‘moon’ or ‘era’ in Irish) features some of Ireland’s most innovative and decorated musicians. Maitiú Ó Casaide, a Dublin based piper from the esteemed Ó Casaide family, received TG4’s Young Musician of the Year Award 2015. Cormac Begley’s concertina playing has been described as ‘a masterclass in timeless musicianship (Irish Times ****) and in 2014 he received the Sean Ó Riada Award. Eithne Ní Chatháin (Inni-K), a highly celebrated traditional singer and fiddle player from Co. Kildare, is breaking new ground in indie-folk under the alias Inni-K. Founding member of the Hothouse Flowers and revered songwriter and accompanist, Peter O Toole from Dublin adds a depth of musicality and sensitivity to this eclectic group.

Over the past three years the band have performed at some of the main international arts festivals including the Sydney Arts Festival, New Zealand Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival. They have also toured extensively throughout Europe and have performed at the Lincoln Centre in New York. They received a nomination for best music at the Bessie Awards and the production Rian (comprised of Ré and eight contemporary dancers) received an award for best production.

Sunday 9th April
Laetare Vocal Ensemble
Roisín Blunnie (director)
Details to follow

Saturday 15th April
The Pictures presents
The Jungle Book (1967)
Tickets €8 / €10 from

In this Walt Disney animation based on Rudyard Kipling’s book, Mowgli, an abandoned child raised by wolves, has his peaceful existence threatened by the return of the man-eating tiger Shere Khan (George Sanders). Facing certain death, Mowgli must overcome his reluctance to leave his wolf family and return to the “man village.” But he is not alone on his quest: Aided by Bagheera the panther, and later by the carefree bear Balloo (Phil Harris), he braves the jungle’s many perils. Classic songs and music by George Bruno, Terry Gilkyson, Richard Sherman and Robert Sherman.

Friday 5th May
Úna Keane in concert
Doors 8pm
Tickets €15 from from Friday 10th February

“The sheer beauty of Úna Keane’s music is a testament to the wonderful mysteries of sound. Minimalist, free-form – and with a definite Irish tone – these compositions take us to that deep sonic space explored by only the very best of musicians” – John Kelly

“Her inventive piano adds lustre and atmosphere to music that avoids any sense of formula or predictability” – Hot Press ****

“Úna’s free-flowing minimalist compositions carry the listener to magical places…never forced, never hurried – these gorgeous motifs gently envelop you and provide comfort in a crazy world” – Carl Corcoran, The Blue of the Night

Úna Keane is a pianist and composer from Dublin, Ireland. Her latest project is an album of piano solo compositions which combine free-form minimalism & classical cross-over. Her use of repeated motifs and cyclical patterns results in music that gets up close and personal whilst also conjuring up wide cinematic landscape. Written in tempo rubato, with tonal influences from both the traditional Irish music and classical genres, this is music that is imbued with space and room to breath.

The album was conceived and composed over 3 trips to Paris between 2015 / 2016 while staying at Le Centre Culturel Irlandais, and includes a commission from CCI to compose a piece of music after a Séamus Heaney poem. Back home in Ireland, 2 week-long stays in a rented cottage in the wilds of the Beara Peninsula & long walks in Dublin’s Phoenix Park with her Irish Terrier Indie provided further inspiration.

This record talks to the idea of how we owe who we are to all those who have gone before us. How they paved the way, and enabled us to do what we do.

Following a Postgraduate Diploma in Composition & Music Technology at the Conservatory of Music & Drama in Dublin, Úna pursued studies in Film Scoring at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, achieving Distinction. Further study with Berklee has been ongoing, with a special focus on Composition and Orchestration for Film. To date some of Úna’s work has been broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland & RTE, and her compositions have been performed at The National Concert Hall in Dublin. 

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